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Health is the most vital aspect of life, and the current time in which the world is facing a fatal pandemic is a testament to the importance of health education – not only for healthcare professionals but also for the entire community at large.

While the digital ecosystem enables us to consume a lot of content on a daily basis, there is abundant content on health, which may or may not be authentic. That’s exactly where the idea of HealthEdu came into the picture.

HealthEdu by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and NATHEALTH – Healthcare Federation of India provides an easy-to-access and informative platform for society and healthcare professionals. The platform collates FREE authentic and insightful courses on important subjects such as courses regarding COVID-19 specifically aimed to spread public awareness. 

All the courses are designed and developed by qualified medical reviewers and have undergone an approval process controlled by well-known experts in the healthcare industry.


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Awareness is the greatest agent for change. Just completed a quick Certificate Course on COVID-19 - #Awareness & #Management. Stay Aware, Stay Strong!Thanks to Medvarsity Online Ltd along with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and NatHealth to provide such courses in the time of need
Dr. Md. Seebat Masrur
Medical Officer at TMSS Medical College and Rafatullah Community Hospital,Bangladesh
I have immense pleasure to be a part of Medvarsity and giving me the platform to build a career in Diabetes. Main purpose of the course is to make you competent for treating and managing diabetes very confidently. It has excellent in-depth teaching system both theoretically and practically under the guidance professor.
Dr. Shree Narayan Yadav
Government Hospital of Nepal,Chitwan